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Mini Slip no more

From the one-piece swimsuit with a high neck, solid color, minimal and sophisticated, to the vintage polka dot bikini, a great classic that we will never tire of, here we are with 2019 sea fashion compilation! For you, heading to Maldives, Tulum or Mauritius in the coming weeks, we have decided to anticipate the swimwear trends topic and reveal the models that will define beachwear summer fashion in 2019. So here are the bikinis and one-piece swimsuits that you should bring with you!

Destination TULUM
Colorful but hyper chic, the whole swimsuit with a multicolored striped pattern, Missoni.
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Destination MAURITIUS
The cherry red one piece with thin straps and lace profile for the sunset boat trip, Oséree.
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OKINAWA destination
The multi coloured costume, without stitching, by the Italian brand, Isole & Vulcani.
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Destination MIAMI
The multicolor suit / bikini that turns into a fabulous day look with matching maxi blazer!
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